Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1/1/2014 In Bedford County Tennessee

Well it's been awhile but after more than a few request I'm trying to get this blog back on track. I never dreamed it was so popular and it never was my intention to be notorious but I do feel it's time to get back on the net and just as the weather is getting interesting.

My two puppy dogs are grown up now and most days they hit the puppy dog trail on their own but I always keep a eye on them when they are out, we still have Coyotes around these parts. So I put in a shout out from Missy and Sophie, my two four legged weather observers.

Wednesday New Years day should be slightly warmer than Tue. was with Highs over 50 degrees. By evening look for clouds increasing with Southerly wind and Rain likely by midnight. 

Thursday looks like rain changing to Snow then maybe back to rain then Snow after dark. Not looking like a lot of Snow but you'll need to stay abreast of things.

Friday looks Sunny but Cold. It is January after all. 

Stay safe for New Years I'll try to get a better feel for what Thursday looks like. See ya!



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